Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) Leaks Again With Dual Rear Cameras

Samsung galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) Leaks Again With Dual Rear Cameras

The Galaxy Note 8 will be the new upgraded version of the disastrous Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled a year ago after devices overheated and caused fires owing to battery problems.

What does that hint at?

One such concept image showed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will include a 6.3-inch Super active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) Infinity Display that is similar to the Galaxy S8 that arrived in stores in April. It would make the phone the biggest flagship of its current line, certainly.

Over the last few months, rumors have pointed to the Galaxy Note 8 being unveiled at either IFA in Berlin (where the first Note was revealed in 2011) or a dedicated NY event.

Samsung Galaxy was in news for all bad reasons after the Galaxy Note 7 disaster.

Another source has suggested the Galaxy Note 8 will launch in NY during the third week of August, which would follow the same lines as The Bell's leak.

Ahead of launch, a lot has already been leaked about the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be a tall and narrow handset, just like the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Samsung is apparently paying the Chinese smartphone market some special attention, as the latest leaks of the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) confirms.

Samsung reportedly released invitations for its August 23 product launch in NY.

According to design render by BGR, the Galaxy Note 8 could feature a horizontally aligned high-end dual rear camera setup. Looking at the specifications of the Galaxy Note 8, it might give a tough fight to Apple's iPhone 8 expected to be launched a month later.

Samsung might have revealed the Galaxy Note 8's processor in an official tweet a while back. The device will launch only in the Chinse market. In an official statement, the company said that the smartphone will be launched on August 23 in NY by tweeting out images and posting out an official invite for the event.

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