South Korea proposes rare military talks with North

Seoul also plans to propose Red Cross talks to North Korea to hold reunions of separated families.

But it's unclear if those talks will be realized.

Moon Jae-in, a liberal former human rights attorney, came to office following a snap election in May promising a softer approach including restarting humanitarian aid and exchanges, which threatens to put his administration at odds with its USA ally.

The chinese ministry of foreign Affairs welcomed on Monday the initiative of south korea, hoping that " the two parties are moving in a positive direction for (...) out of the impasse and to restart the dialogue and negotiations". The two Koreas fought a war in the early 1950s, and have been at odds ever since the war ended. Official talks between the sides have not been held since December 2015. Several meetings have been cancelled by North Korea at the last minute.

President Moon Jae-in gives a speech on the Korean peninsula at old city hall in Berlin, at an event organized by the Korber Foundation, July 6.

"We make the proposal of a meeting aimed to put an end to the hostile activities that make up the military tension along the land border", said in a press release the ministry of south Korean Defense.

But experts said the resumption of the event may take a bumpy road since the communist state continued in the commentary to demand South Korea repatriate 12 female North Koreans who worked at a Pyongyang-run restaurant in China and defected to Seoul en masse a year ago.

"After North Korea's frequent missile tests including its very first ICBM test, the worldwide community has vowed to tighten sanctions and China simply can not exclude itself from the recent movement, although it probably does not want to indefinitely cut off fuel sales to the North", Mr Kang said. The method of the North's response this time remains to be seen.

During a period of detente from 1998 to 2008, there was a flurry of talks and exchange programs between the two Koreas.

Suh suggested the dialogue be held on July 21 in Tongilgak, a building in the North Korean side of the truce village of Panmunjom.

The proposed meetings would be a "rare opportunity to ease tension that has built up for 10 years", said Cheong Seong-Chang, of the South's Sejong Institute think tank.

Outside experts believe the South Korean broadcasts and leaflets sting in Pyongyang more because the authoritarian country worries that the broadcasts will demoralize front-line troops and residents and eventually weaken the grip of absolute leader Kim Jong Un. North Korea has yet to respond to the latest overture.

Your correspondent believes the joint missile launches by the United States and South Korea were provocative, and that negotiations are the best way of finding a solution in the Korean peninsula.

South Korea proposed military talks and family reunions with North Korea on Monday to reduce the increasing potential for conflict over Pyongyang's continued development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. A senior official with the Ministry of National Defense said it was "continuing to hold discussions on inter-Korean military talks with the Ministry of Unification and other agencies involved in practical matters".

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