Aussie Deputy PM is a New Zealander

The NZ Labour Party has denied any involvement in uncovering Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce's citizenship debacle

Aussie Deputy PM is a New Zealander

Senior Labor senator Penny Wong said Ms Bishop was using a "Kiwis under the bed scare campaign" to divert attention from the government's woes.

On 17 April, 2013, I stood in Scotty & Mal's on Cuba Street singing Pokarekare Ana as New Zealand celebrated the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

Australia's "accidental Kiwi" deputy prime minister renounced his New Zealand citizenship Tuesday amid sheep jokes, Hollywood taunts and conspiracy theories about a left-wing plot to topple Canberra's conservative government. "The census showed a very high proportion of Australians have a foreign parent, so with potentially more than half not eligible to run for parliament, that's just ridiculous", he said.

Australia's treatment of New Zealand citizens has been a huge issue since changes were made to immigration policy and the Social Security Act back in 2001.

Cabinet minister Christopher Pyne accused Labor of stooping to new lows.

Canavan, whose case is now being reviewed by the High Court in Australia, said his mother-who herself was not born in Italy-signed him up for Italian citizenship when he was 25 without him knowing.

New Zealand First is doubtful the Leader of the New Zealand Labour Party Jacinda Adern did not know about MP Chris Hipkins' line of questioning.

Queensland MP Bob Katter has already outlined what he wants if the Prime Minister seeks his support if the High Court rules Barnaby Joyce is ineligible to sit in Parliament over his New Zealand citizenship.

"Not since the old days of worrying about Soviet Russia, that is how long since we have had to worry about these sort of things", he told Sky News.

He said he would not resign or temporarily step down from office after being told by Australian Solicitor-General Stephen Donaghue that he was likely to be cleared by the High Court.

But Labor is resisting demands it produce proof that none of its MPs have dual citizenship, claiming its candidate vetting processes prevent any dual citizens from slipping through the cracks. "Australian media inquiries were", he said on Twitter.

Wong told the Australian Senate today questions about Joyce's citizenship had been asked by the media for some time, including in July.

'I find that extraordinary, her closest, most trusted adviser, her chief of contacting a sitting Labour member in New Zealand and the shadow foreign minister doesn't know about it?

"Imagine if a New Zealand MP commissioned someone in Australia to ask questions about New Zealand politics".

"The Labour Party in New Zealand has to explain that because it's very poor judgment that they got involved with it", English told reporters in Wellington.

He also took aim at New Zealand's Minister for Internal Affairs Peter Dunne for "corroborating information that had obvious political intent".

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is also under pressure over comments he made in parliament about the likely outcome of the High Court ruling.

Ardern said that in hindsight, had Hipkins realised the context, he would not have asked the questions.

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