Chelsea Clinton defends fellow first kid Barron Trump

Furor over Charlottesville follows Trump home to Manhattan

Chelsea Clinton defends fellow first kid Barron Trump

"Leave Barron alone" became the rallying cry for political journalists and politicians alike on Tuesday after Fox Host Tucker Carlson's news site published a "mean spirited" article imploring Trump's youngest son start dressing the part of presidential son.

"Let's not pretend the press is suddenly concerned about defending the Trumps", Coglianese said by email, describing Springer as the "the most pro-Barron Trump writer I've ever met".

"The Daily Caller, for whatever reason, because they did not have enough to do, because the eclipse wasn't enough to keep them happy, chose to criticize the clothing worn by Barron Trump", host John Berman said angrily.

She also replied to someone who shared the piece, "No child should be talked about in the below manner - in real life or online".

On Tuesday, the pair both spoke out against media scrutiny of youngest Trump heir, Barron Trump.

In all fairness, Barron Trump is 11 years old and he was returning from a family trip.

Twitter was quick to react, with some users appreciating the first lady for her tweet and supporting Clinton's assertion that children not be involved in such discussions.

Barron, who has grown up in Trump Tower in Manhattan where he has an entire floor to himself, has been the subject of increasing media attention since his father arrived in the White House.

Melania Trump responded with a tweet thanking Chelsea Clinton and saying, "so important to support all of our children in being themselves!"

The criticism of The Daily Caller came because of an article written about Barron by TheDC's entertainment reporter Ford Springer on Monday.

In fact, his online behavior is perhaps one reason Melania has yet to fulfill her campaign promise to make combating cyberbullying one of her key causes as First Lady.

Barron moved into the White House in June with first lady Melania Trump after he finished his school year in NY.

Earlier this year, Clinton defended Barron after he was the target of a joke by a "Saturday Night Live" writer.

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