Democrats prepare to fight Trump's transgender military ban

After the latest launch, Trump said that "all options" were on the table, reviving his implied threat of pre-emptive U.S. military action just days after congratulating himself that Kim appeared to be "starting to respect us".

Democrats are working on crafting an amendment to the bill that could reverse Trump's directive barring transgender individuals from serving in the military, or at least protect transgender individuals now serving, according to aides and advocates. However, this isn't a win.

The 45th President of the United States gave an order over the weekend to cease military funding for transition-related medical expenses, as well banning any trans people from joining the Forces in the future.

"In the interim, current policy with respect to now serving members will remain in place", the defense secretary said.

It's true the Trump's order signed last week includes time for "further study" on implementing the ban, but the study is unlikely to change anything because of the order's wording. In a landmark moment for the LGBTQ community, transgender service members were encouraged to be open about their gender identities while serving, without the fear of discharge.

Mattis said Tuesday that transgender service members will continue to serve in the military while the Pentagon conducts a study of how to implement Trump's directive.

On July 26, President Trump tweeted that transgender people were banned from the military, and his tweet caught many by surprise.

US Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis said Wednesday that there was still room for diplomacy in dealing with North Korea's provocative ballistic missile launches, after President Donald Trump said negotiations were "not the answer".

"The department will carry out the president's policy direction, in consultation with the Department of Homeland Security", Mattis wrote. "We'll keep raising our voices", Gillibrand tweeted Friday responding to Trump's directive.

According to one report from The Palm Center, removing trans folk from the military could actually cost over $960 million dollars, which calls into question exactly why the President issued the request in the first place.

Trump's ban has been met with ire from transgender advocates and the American Civil Liberties Union, who have stated that the ban is discriminatory.

In a statement last week, McCain said it would be "a step in the wrong direction" to force transgender individuals out of the military exclusively on the basis of gender identity. The ban is scheduled to go into effect on March 23, 2018.

This study is not new to the military.

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