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NFL Notes Jaguars Open Up QB Competition After Blake Bortles Struggles

Notes Jaguars open up QB competition after Blake Bortles struggles

Bortles has had 63 turnovers and 18 interceptions since his start in 2014.

Jacksonville chose to stand pat at quarterback in the offseason, only to see Bortles falter in training camp and in the first two preseason games. He has taken only a kneel-down snap (last year at Detroit) since Bortles replaced him. Jacksonville had several chances to hit a big play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their second preseason game yesterday, but Bortles could not accurately throw the ball. Plus, the team picked up the fifth-year option in his rookie contract and could be on the hook to pay him $19 million in 2018 if he sustains a significant injury this season. That amount is guaranteed for injury only, meaning that if Bortles were to suffer an injury that made him unable to pass a physical next year, the Jaguars would have to pay him that amount even if he can not play.

The third overall pick in 2014, Bortles' $6,571,983 salary this year is guaranteed. That's a relatively small risk that any team is willing to take if they believe a player still has some potential to offer, but if Bortles's value has effectively been zeroed out before the season even starts, it's not impossible to imagine the Jags taking the financially safe route and planting him on the bench for 17 weeks before cutting him next summer. His career started off quite decently as he showed a lot of promise and was on an up-and-coming Jacksonville Jaguars squad. Hopefully Henne can reignite the fire in Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns.

"I'll approach it the same way", Bortles said. "If you go out there and do well, then it's 'Well, it wasn't against this team or that best team.' But it's important to go out and do well".

The Jaguars have made the necessary moves on the defensive side of the ball, and they have enough pieces offensively to be effective. On defense, no starting lineup changes are expected, but reserve pass rusher Dante Fowler (lower body) may not play. "[Carolina has] always done an outstanding job running the football and conversely, it's hard to make plays against their defense". Quarterback Cam Newton will make his debut in addition to rookie wide receiver Curtis Samuel. This is all while having a solid linebackers Paul Posluszny and Telvin Mack eating up the middle of the field. Cornerback Aaron Colvin is also unlikely to play.

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