Flake: Trump 'Inviting' a GOP Primary Challenge in 2020

Donald Trump just showed why even some Republicans question whether he has the temperament and the capacity to serve as President.

"This notion of a 2,000-mile wall has been - for anyone who spends time on the border - just out there, because there is so much of the border that simply doesn't lend itself to a wall of any type", Flake said.

"See? I haven't mentioned any names".

Now, Flake's Senate seat is under threat and Trump's boosters are trying to help get the embattled senator's primary opponent elected in his place.

"That's not my realm". "I will not support people who break their promises, I will not support people who don't keep their their word". As talks have begun to re-negotiate the deal, the president said he did not feel the three countries could come up with an agreement and predicted they would have to scrap NAFTA altogether.

He's been called "weak on crime, borders, a non-factor in the senate", and "toxic" by President Donald Trump.

Flake also suggested the administration meet with those who live on the border and may have some ideas to help secure the area.

He insisting that he and Mr. Trump are not enemies and downplayed his concern over a pro-Trump primary challenger when he runs for reelection next year.

Two endorsements on syndicated conservative talk radio aren't likely to have a huge impact on an election nearly a year away, but they are a marked shift in the far-right's willingness to publicly challenge figures who are supported by Senate leaders like Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee Cory Gardner, both of whom have publicly backed Flake. "He's not representing, in my opinion, the people of Arizona".

"Jeff Flake is a "Never Trumper", said Gene Klund, a 75-year-old party activist. Flake recently released a book that is critical of his own party and the president, saying they've lost touch with conservative values and "have given into the politics of anger".

"My position is work with the president, vote with the president when I think he's right, and I oppose him when I think he's wrong". You know, you'll put out a little tweet: "I'm going to be with the veterans today".

"Nobody wants me to talk about him".

In recent weeks, Trump has also repeatedly blasted Flake on Twitter.

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