Giant Rooster Inflated Behind The White House

Halloween shop offers ‘Trump chicken’ costume

Giant Rooster Inflated Behind The White House

An inflatable chicken popped up outside the grounds of the White House on Wednesday.

Chief of staff John Kelly is the latest White House staffer to be featured on the cover of Time Magazine.

The phrasing comes from the well-known "God, Country, Corps" saying used by USA marines.

Trump was not in the White House to see the balloon. It's also in ideal view of the news cameras that are placed in front of the White House.

Read the rest of the John Kelly profile here. He's too afraid to release his tax returns, too afraid to stand up to Putin and he's playing a game of Chicken with North Korea. The statue was erected to celebrate the Year of the Rooster shortly before Trump's inauguration when US-Sino relations were at a low point.

Brar also has a GoFundMe page seeking to raise $10,000 to pay for the logistics to move multiple versions of the chicken around the country.

Believe it or not, Brar secured permits for the balloon from the National Park Service and the Secret Service.

Sadly, Trump may not even know that he should take the chicken as an insult. That chicken statue, which is seen in the tweet below, is in Taiyuan, North China's Shanxi province.

As previously reported by the Seattle-PI, the chicken was designed by Seattle resident Casey Latiolais and originally manufactured at a Chinese factory to usher in the Year of the Rooster.

He also used it for April's Tax Day March in Chicago, protesting the president for not releasing his own tax returns.

However, it is unlikely to bother President Trump too much as he is out of town on a "working vacation".

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