Houston flood: Veteran police officer dies in flood waters

Houston flood: Veteran police officer dies in flood waters

Houston flood: Veteran police officer dies in flood waters

A veteran Houston cop driving to work tragically drowned when his patrol vehicle became trapped in swirling waters raging through the hurricane-hit Texas city, The Houston Chronicle reported.

Sergeant Steve Perez who worked in traffic enforcement drowned in Houston while driving through an underpass during the floods.

Mayor Sylvester Turner said Houstonians should celebrate Perez's life, and be proud of the work he did. Perez drove for about two and a half hours trying to find a safe way to his station.

"Heavy rain, dark roadways, who knows what else he saw", Acevedo said.

The search team determined his probable path and narrowed down his last location to the Hardy Toll Road in Houston, Acevedo said.

Family members told a Texas news station that six of their family members drowned Sunday afternoon as they tried to escape from floodwaters brought about by Hurricane Harvey. The dive team was called out, and the Cajun Navy volunteer search and rescue force was called to assist in the effort to locate Sgt. Perez. Perez disappeared while trying to reach his work station; he had gone to work even after his wife and father-in-law, a war veteran, had urged him to stay home.

Acevedo said that when roll call was taken Monday morning, authorities noticed Perez was missing. "We will continue. This police department is resilient, as is this community and I look forward to taking this man and giving him the honors and his family that he so richly deserves". The officer's wife had urged her husband not to go to work that day because conditions were too unsafe, as did his father-in-law, Acevedo said.

"When you have faith, there's hope", Acevedo said.

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