Hurricane Harvey's 'resourceful refugee dog' photo has taken over the Internet

Dogs and cars are making it through the hurricane

Dogs and cars are making it through the

Dockens' photo quickly went viral, with many saying the dog's resourcefulness was a Texan trait.

The dog, a German shepherd mix named Otis, got loose Friday night in Sinton, Texas, but apparently chose to grab his food before leaving.

Dockens spoke with Otis' owner later that day and learned that the dog made it home safely with the bag of food, although it is unclear where that bag came from.

Segovia checked his porch Saturday morning and noticed Otis' bag of dog food was missing.

"Tiele Dockens captioned the now viral image of the Texas dog doing its best to survive Hurricane Harvey with the hashtag, "#refugee".

According to the grandfather, Otis has helped comfort five-year-old Carter, who has had numerous hospital visits for seizures and asthma.

German shepherd mix Otis, from Stinton, Texas, got loose during the hurricane on Friday night.

Otis was brought back to safety before his owner returned. The Sinton resident had been outside checking on the homes of neighbors who left town before the deadly natural disaster began when encountering Otis, according to a report by the Huffington Post. "LOL #refugee", she wrote. "With his dog food of course", she said. "He's a good dog". Otis, an enterprising pup, was not going to let a simple hurricane get in the way of dinner time.

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