Ray J in legal battle with 'Celebrity Big Brother' bosses

Ray J in legal battle with 'Celebrity Big Brother' bosses

Ray J in legal battle with 'Celebrity Big Brother' bosses

Sarah Harding on Celebrity Big Brother.

In a swear-laden video that would leave even the hardiest of sailors clutching at pearls, Trisha says: "I was just editing my video and putting it up for you guys, being like 'I fucking regret leaving Big Brother".

Trisha took to Youtube for a video titled: "F*** Celebrity Big Brother". Trisha, Sarah, Chad and Karthik had all faced the axe yesterday evening and it was Karthik who went.

The American vlogger had told Sam Thompson: "I'm not staying in the house with her".

Following the eviction, Trisha was left raging over the reaction of some the other housemates during the live show.

"We are in a continued legal battle with them over the remaining payments that are owed to him", Ray J's representative David Weintraub told The Sun newspaper.

Earlier, Paytas apologised to fans for quitting the show, tweeting: "I'm sorry to those I let down, video explanation coming soon. I forgot, it's all about you".

And Trisha took to Twitter to call her time in the house the "worst experience" of her life.

She lasted right till the end first time around, but at her second crack of the "I'm A Celeb" whip, the Bushtucker Trials proved too much for Katie, who had returned to the jungle to get "closure" after splitting from Peter Andre.

"Know I am appreciative of u all, it's what kept me in the house so long".

Before she entered the Channel 5 programme, Sarah had told The Sun's weird column that she was "spoken for" so would not be flirting with anyone during the show.

There are two chances to watch the show, at 9PM on 5Star and at 10:30PM on Channel 5.

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