Spain Should Make Improvements to Be Ready for Migration Inflow

Scores of Teenage Migrants Were 'Deliberately Drowned&apos by Smugglers off the Coast of Yemen

Many did not survive when a human smuggler forced about 120 people into the seaMore

A dramatic increase in the number of migrants arriving on Spanish shores means it may soon overtake Greece to become Europe's second most popular migrant destination.

That is more than triple the number who reached Spain at the same time previous year, according to Joel Millman, a senior IOM spokesman, and already more than the total arrivals in 2016.

The two incidents were the latest evidence of the significant uptick in the number of migrants seeking to make Spain their European point of entry.

Nearly as many migrants have arrived in Spain so far this year as came to the country throughout 2016, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Overall numbers have fallen by nearly 60 per cent from the same period the previous year.

The migrants in Spain most often have no identification and are usually young males from Morocco, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Ivory Coast and a handful of other West African countries, according to quotes by police.

"It's possible that Spain will outperform Greece this year", according to Millman.

The IOM say 11,849 people have arrived in Spain so far this year, compared with 13,246 in all of last year.

Southern Spain is already struggling to control shipments of arms, drugs, and illegal tobacco into Spain from Morocco in an increasingly violent trade, with police saying the gangsters are now "winning nearly all the battles".

The video may provide a glimpse of changing trends in the routes taken by Mediterranean migrants.

Despite seeing an increase in arrivals, Spain is still far behind Italy, which has received 96,861 until 9 August, according to the IOM. The passengers, mostly from Morocco and neighboring Algeria, were looking for a better life in Europe and using Spain as a doorway.

Spain's maritime rescue service, which includes ships, planes and helicopters, rescues migrants at sea and takes them to cities such as Almeria, Malaga, Tarifa, with the Spanish Red Cross on hand to offer aid from healthcare to food and water.

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