Trump Comments Shake Wall Street but Don't Shake Trade Partners

Trump Comments Shake Wall Street but Don't Shake Trade Partners

Trump Comments Shake Wall Street but Don't Shake Trade Partners

Those numbers include products that travelled though the U.S., Mexico and Yukon and on to other destinations. He also turned his eye to NAFTA, the trade deal he nearly sunk in April when he reportedly was ready to pull the USA out of it, until discussions with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto convinced him otherwise. Here, a Customs and Border Protection inspects a truck full of farm produce at a station in Brooklyn, New York.

Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said that Mexico would not be scared by Trump's comments, while his colleague, Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo added that Mexico has a backup plan if NAFTA disintegrates.

Trump's argument was a familiar one, that the United States has been "so badly taken advantage of" by "one of the worst deals" that "we'll end up probably terminating NAFTA at some point".

Many of these threats might be political bluster, and it may well be that in the end cooler heads in Washington are able to contain the Trump administration's inflammatory rhetoric.

Although many Americans have benefited from NAFTA, Lighthizer said that the agreement has "failed. countless Americans". For him, an improved trade deal isn't the litmus test for accepting a modernized NAFTA.

"Given that farmers were a key constituency for President Donald Trump during his 2016 electoral campaign, we expect they will push back against major changes that could lead to a disruption of this trade", the analysts continued.

But supporters say the deal has had the opposite effect, boosting trade between the nations and creating millions of jobs in each country.

The territory also imported $50 million worth of goods and services from the US that year - mostly fish and petroleum products.

"Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland in a speech last week referred to the argument that these buy-local rules are poor public policy, driving up prices and resulting in worse infrastructure, and harming the economy: "(It's) political junk food - superficially appetizing, but unhealthy in the long run", she said. "Our priorities remain the same, and we will continue to work hard to modernize NAFTA", Austen told CNNMoney in response to Trump's comments in Arizona.

Without referencing the president's remarks, Sen.

"NAFTA has been incredibly successful for our industry", said Jennifer Myers, a spokesperson for the National Corn Growers Association. The administration also called for the elimination of provisions that allowed Canada and Mexico to appeal duties imposed by the United States and limited the ability of the United States to impose import restrictions on Canada and Mexico.

Duvall pointed out that total USA agricultural exports are projected to reach $137 billion this year, while agricultural imports are forecast at $114.5 billion, giving the US a $22.5 billion trade surplus in agricultural products.

"Free trade and a productive partnership with Mexico are both good for Texas and our country", Straus said in a written statement.

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