Trump's Ban On Transgender Persons In Military Moving Forward

Military bosses were taken by surprise by the ban as Trump had not briefed them on is previously. Here's a breakdown of some of the details being reported.

These guidelines will be used to determine if a transgender person should be kicked out of the military.

The Defense Department spends far more on Viagra than it does on transgender services, and according to the New York Times, Mattis had been lobbying lawmakers to keep the ban on funding transgender treatments out of the bill.

"Transgender people have always been in the military, and always will be".

The memo also instructs the Pentagon to stop paying for transgender troops' medical treatment regimens, the officials told the paper.

President Donald Trump and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis depart the Pentagon following a meeting of the National Security Council in Washington, D.C., on July 20. "His foolhardy assertion that transgender service members are not able to deploy is simply not rooted in fact". Today, the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund condemned the revised ban reportedly being implemented. The resolution points out that the Rand Corporation's study of the costs of trans troops' medical care are approximately $8 million a year, while the military already spends $84 million a year on "Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs".

Transgender service members have been able to serve openly in the military since a year ago when then-Secretary of Defense Ash Carter lifted the prior ban.

Mattis mentioned during the press conference that, upon receipt of the Guidance Policy, he and his staff "will study it and come up with what the policy should be".

President Trump said he would reinstate a ban on transgender troops in a string of tweets July 26, announcing that transgender individuals would not be eligible to "serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military".

The Times reported that, at the time of his announcement, Pentagon officials were caught off-guard.

Trump announced he would enact such a ban on Twitter last month, reversing a policy decision made under the Obama administration.

TLDEF Board Member and Navy Veteran Alaina Kupec expressed similar concerns: "Once again, fear and ignorance of what it means to be transgender is used to advance blatant discrimination".

In a follow-up statement, the President said he has "great respect for the community" but that he thinks he is doing a "great favour" to the military by attempting to ban trans people from serving openly.

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