Venezuela Condemns Lima Meeting and Calls for Regional Dialogue

Venezuela Condemns Lima Meeting and Calls for Regional Dialogue

Venezuela Condemns Lima Meeting and Calls for Regional Dialogue

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro said Thursday he wants a meeting with President Donald Trump - the same man he ridicules as a crass imperial magnate and blasts for USA sanctions against officials in his socialist administration.

"We absolutely reject this act of aggression by the North American empire, by the government of Washington, and we do not recognize any sanction against the people of Venezuela", said Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza in a televised broadcast".

He added that Venezuela would challenge the sanctions in a US court.

He told the newly elected constituent assembly that he wanted "a personal conversation" when the two leaders attended the UN General Assembly in NY next month.

Even world-renowned soccer superstar Diego Maradona expressed his support for Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution, saying on Facebook, "When Maduro orders, I am dressed as a soldier for a free Venezuela, to fight against imperialism".

"Mr Donald Trump, here is my hand".

The measures freeze any U.S. assets of those designated and bar Americans from doing business with them.

The Trump administration has called Maduro a "dictator" and issued sanctions against him and more than two dozen other former and current officials, accusing Maduro's government of violating human rights and undermining the country's democracy amid an escalating political and financial crisis.

Despite this trove, the United Kingdom government has been volubly condemnatory of both the former government of Hugo Chavez, and Nicolas Maduro's current administration, in particular for their response to large-scale protests. Almost 130 people have been killed in clashes between protesters and security forces.

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro celebrates the results of "Constituent Assembly", in Caracas, on July 31, 2017.

The opposition was also motivated by the fact that the ANC supersedes the National Assembly, or Congress, which was under the opposition's control.

Since April 1, more than 120 people have been killed in protest's against Maduro's government.

During this session, which took place in the Legislative Palace, Maduro gave a speech of approximately three hours and handed over his draft Constitution to the Constituent Assembly, claiming that it is the same as that of the late President Hugo Chavez (1999-2013), his predecessor.

Nicolas Maduro's government in Venezuela is increasingly isolated but it still counts powerful support from countries such as Russian Federation and China that can block or delay punitive action from the likes of the United Nations, analysts say.

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