White supremacist to be put to death with 'new' chemical

White supremacist to be put to death with 'new' chemical

White supremacist to be put to death with 'new' chemical

'We pray for all involved in this tragic situation: you, as the final authority in the state over Mr. Asay's life or death; the condemned and his conversion guided by his spiritual advisors; and the victims and their loved ones, ' it said.

Florida, like many other death penalty states, has struggled to find execution chemicals because capital punishment opponents have pressured pharmaceutical companies to stop selling the drugs the states relied on in the past.

Asay would be the first prisoner to be executed in the state since January 2016, before the state's supreme court ruled that Florida executions were unconstitutional because judges were granted powers that should be reserved for juries. Asay's lawyer tells Reuters that pain can occur as etomidate is administered, and that it can cause the body to writhe, making it tough "to know when the guy is unconscious".

It would also be the first time in Florida's history a white man has been executed for killing a black man, the Sun Sentinel reports.

The Florida Supreme Court on Monday rejected a reprieve for a convicted murderer scheduled to be executed Thursday, after justices acknowledged the court had been mistaken for more than two decades about the race of one of the victims.

Barring a stay, Asay is set to die by lethal injection after 6pm for two racially motivated, premeditated murders in Jacksonville in 1987, CBS News reported.

Prosecutors said Asay called Booker, who was black, a racial epithet before fatally shooting him. Asay, accused of being a white supremacist, used racial slurs when he shot Booker, an African-American. "Renee Torres née Robert McDowell may have been either white or mixed-race, Hispanic but was not a black man".

Prosecutors said Asay had hired McDowell for oral sex and then shot him six times after discovering his gender. A total of 92 Florida inmates have been executed in that time period.

The execution also will be the first in the USA using the drug etomidate, which Asay's lawyers unsuccessfully challenged.

According to Panico, the Florida department of corrections has not revealed where it obtained etomidate, which was never distributed by Janssen in the US.

Death penalty experts say the drug is unproven, while state corrections officials say the choice has been reviewed. It is expected to be carried out using etomidate, an anesthetic that has been approved by the Florida Supreme Court.

In the 41 years since Florida reinstated the death penalty, a white person convicted of killing a black person has never been put to death. Since 1976, people of color have accounted for 43 percent of all executions in the USA, and they make up about 55 percent of those now awaiting execution, according to the ACLU.

Asay was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder by a jury, which recommended the death penalty with a 9-3 vote.

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