2 officers shot trying to apprehend suspect

The 2400 block of Foothill Boulevard in La Verne where a police shooting occurred on Sept. 23 2017 is shown in a Google Maps Street View image from December 2016

2 officers shot trying to apprehend suspect

Hartman says officers responded to reports of gunfire.

A man associated with shooting two New Haven cops and a previous prison guard, accepted to be his significant other, was shot by police and arrested in the wake of blockading himself inside a building, police say.

New Haven police Officer David Hartman, a spokesman for the department, says two officers have been shot Saturday in an apparent domestic shooting that left a female victim critically injured.

After the woman said she was shot at a home across the street, police entered the residence where the suspect opened fire. She was taken to a healing center and is recorded in basic condition.

The scene on Elm Street remains very active at this time and police believe the suspect is held up inside a home.

Police later identified the suspect as 51-year-old John Douglas Monroe of New Haven.

Authorities say both officers are expected to be OK.

Officials said the gunman remained holed up in the victim's home on Elm Street at Sherman Avenue.

As they did earlier, several police officers, cruisers and a type of SWAT team are surrounding the house. Police say there is no further threat to people in general.

NBC Connecticut has a crew on scene and will provide updates as they come into the newsroom.

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