Another Mass Grave of Rohingya Hindus Discovered in Myanmar's Rakhine

Another Mass Grave of Rohingya Hindus Discovered in Myanmar's Rakhine

Another Mass Grave of Rohingya Hindus Discovered in Myanmar's Rakhine

While looking at the history, one finds that Rohingyas are the world's most oppressed and persecuted minority.

According to AFP, the mob "broke down gates and entered the walled multi-storied compound as frightened refugees huddled together in upstairs rooms".

Myanmar could turn into a "breeding ground" for terrorism due to the humanitarian crisis involving Muslims there, a Burmese rights activist told a forum here today.

France, Britain, the United States and four other countries requested the meeting after more than 430,000 people, mostly Rohingya Muslims, fled an army campaign in Myanmar in recent weeks and crossed into Bangladesh. Rohingyas have long complained of discrimination.

Police and spy agencies across Bangladesh were alerted about the possible infiltration by the Rohingya Muslims as basic feature of their bodily structure, colour and behavior have little difference with the Bangladeshi citizens.

World leaders and high-level representatives gathered in NY to address the assembly this week, with many urging action on the situation in Rakhine, where an August 25 attack on 30 police outposts and the subsequent military crackdown by government security forces have garnered worldwide attention and sparked claims of ethnic cleansing.

Aman added that the chair's statement was not based consensus among members, because it simply deleted the line explicitly saying the Rohingyas are among the communities affected by the continuing violence in Myanmar. In Februrary 2017, a United Nations report pointed towards Myanmar government troops crimes against humanity in its renewed military crackdowns in 2016.

Malaysia also urged Myanmar to end the violence and resolve the refugee problem.

Reuters reported that Chinese official documents suggest that a consortium led by China's CITIC corporation has sought between 70% and 85% share in the deep sea port, which will advance China's One Belt One Road (OBOR) programme and connect the country to the Bay of Bengal.

Myanmar says its forces are fighting terrorists responsible for attacking the police and the army, killing civilians and torching villages.

The report comes as the UN Security Council is due to hold a meeting on Thursday to discuss Myanmar's brutal crackdown against Rohingya Muslims, which has been described by the worldwide community as an ethnic cleansing campaign.

"We can certainly take pride in the continuous efforts by the Malaysian government to highlight the massacre of the Rohingya people through targeted persecution by the Myanmar military", he said in a statement.

The WHO statement said that, "Interventions are being scaled-up, however, the situation remains critical and challenging".

Earlier on Monday, Myanmar told the UN General Assembly that there was no ethnic cleansing or genocide against Muslims in Rakhine state.

Speaking to media on Saturday, Minister Bathiudeen said that the social media reports have published false accusations that he is taking measures to settle Rohingya refugees in Sri Lanka.

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