Google Chrome 64 to block auto-playing videos

Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome you’re going to be really pleased with this new update 0

The v64 build of Chrome with the new policy will come to the beta channel in December and the stable channel in January of 2018.

Google Chrome is now the most popular internet browser, beating the competition by quite a distance. There are few things in life more annoying than a video you never wanted to watch blaring audio out of your speakers when you least expect it.

In addition, Chrome users will also have the option to mute individual sites completely and save that preference. Google says videos will only auto play if the user has clicked or tapped somewhere on the site during the browsing session, if the site has been added to the home screen (on mobile), or if the user has frequently played media on the site (on desktop). This muting option will persist between browsing sessions, enabling users to customise when audio will play.

The move has been made by Google in a bid to unify desktop and mobile web behaviour, adding more predictability across platforms and browsers. In this menu, users now find an assortment of options they can toggle, and next month they will be able to block sound from playing. News sites and social networks particularly abuse of this attention-catching measure, but a lot of them already implement their muting controls.

"Starting in Chrome 64, autoplay will be allowed when either the media won't play sound, or the user has indicated an interest in the media", said Mounir Lamouri, a software engineer on the Google Chrome team. Those video ads play on their own without seeking permission from the users, Google will block the sites to autoplay videos.

It can be secured with SSL/TLS, "becoming" thus FTPS (aka "FTP Secure"), but Chrome and all the other major browsers don't support FTPS.

Google Chrome users will now be pleased to know that the company will be allowing them more control over the browser's behavior soon. That component will pick the promotions to square in view of rules from the business gathering, Coalition for Better Ads.

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