'I believe in the First Amendment and boobs'

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- Clay Travis (@ClayTravis)You can't say you like the first amendment and boobs?

You'll notice that nowhere in that rundown of the past week's events was there mention of the word "boobs" or anything remotely to do with "boobs" - aside from completely irrelevant anatomical facts about key players in the story. "I'm done", Baldwin said.

Boobs, Travis repeated. He believed in boobs.

"I'm still there, too, and I just want to make sure I'm hearing you correctly", Baldwin said, confirming Travis' comment once more. But the segment was quickly sidetracked when Travis first noted his "belief" in "boobs" and the First Amendment.

I'm a First Amendment absolutist and believe in two things completely: the first amendment and boobs, and so... "It shouldn't be brought up here", the other panelist, former ESPN editor Keith Reed responded to Travis' comments.

Baldwin then ended the segment in frustration. So, those are the two things I believe in absolutely in the country.

"Why would you even say that live on national television with a female host?"

Travis later added that he "triggered" CNN with his views, adding that he says it every day on his own program.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin had to ask for clarification, wondering if maybe he said "booze" and not "boobs" (which still wouldn't make any damn sense in the context of the discussion but at least wouldn't be so gross). "It's like, live television happens, and you think you hear something but you're not entirely sure, and then you realize it happened". "I also love women".

Travis also said he has a scheduled interview on Fox News, where he has been a recurring commenter, where he promises to repeat the line.

"So I apologize for him, and that", she said.

Baldwin even gave several chances to clarify his comment, but he doubled down, even after Reed highlighted the kind of "blatant sexism" Hill has faced in her career.

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