Mexico struck by another 7.1 magnitude natural disaster

A woman is comforted after an earthquake in Mexico City Tuesday Sept. 19 2017. A powerful earthquake jolted central Mexico on Tuesday causing buildings to sway sickeningly in the capital on the anniversary of a 1985 quake that did major damage.(AP

Mexico struck by another 7.1 magnitude natural disaster

More than 217 people in Mexico are dead following a 7.0-magnitude natural disaster that rocked the town of Raboso in Puebla Tuesday, September 19. At least 22 children perished under a collapsed Mexico City elementary school. Almost 100 people died in that quake in southern Mexico, but no fatalities were reported in Mexico City.

President Pena Nieto declared a state of national disaster, ordering the authorities and hospitals to assist the victims of the quake on the spot, while the government is being urged to access the emergency funds.

The number of people killed in a devastating quake that struck Mexico City and nearby regions on Tuesday has risen to 224, the government said.

This is a breaking news story. The quake, measuring 7.1, caused extensive damage in Mexico City and in neighbouring states. "It is with sadness that we learned of the devastating quake in Mexico this afternoon".

Among the most devastating scenes is a school that came crashing down, killing at least 21 children and 4 teachers. It sent downtown high-rise buildings swaying as people rushed into the streets. Almost five million people were without power early on Wednesday.

Fires broke out around the city as gas mains were damaged in the quake.

Moises Amador Mejia, a 44-year-old employee of the civil protection agency, worked late into the night looking for people trapped in a collapsed building in Mexico City's bohemian Condesa neighborhood.

US President Donald Trump tweeted: "God bless the people of Mexico City".

Thousands of soldiers, rescuers and civilians - including college students - in Mexico City clawed through the rubble with picks, shovels and their bare hands.

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