Missing Pregnant Md. Teacher Found Dead; Boyfriend Charged in Slaying

Family and friends are coming together Wednesday night to bring home a pregnant high school teacher who has been missing for over a week

Family and friends are coming together Wednesday night to bring home a pregnant high school teacher who has been missing for over a week

A pregnant teacher who went missing a week ago has been found dead and her boyfriend, who was among those begging for her safe return as news cameras rolled, has been arrested.

Wallen's family and friends became alarmed last week when she didn't show up for the first day of classes at the high school where she taught.

Police now believe that text on Monday morning was from Tessier, using Wallen's cellphone and attempting to impersonate her. Police believe she was killed on Sunday, Sept. 3, according to Chief Manger.

According to the Washington Post, Wallen's sister had received a number of odd texts from her sister on September 4, which the police believe were sent by Tessier after he allegedly killed Wallen.

'Laura, if you are listening, it doesn't matter what's happened, it doesn't matter what type of trouble, there is nothing we can't fix together - myself and your family, ' Tessier said at the conference.

"This is just one of those tragic cases where you have an absolutely innocent victim and just a senseless, senseless killing", Manger said. But the acquaintance declined to assist, Manger said. The field where she was found is adjacent to property belonging to a friend of Tessier's.

During a press conference held Monday, Tessier appeared saddened and beside himself as he spoke about his missing girlfriend to the public.

Evidence that led police to suspect Tessier included a text that he sent to a friend the night before the initial press conference, in which Tessier asked for help to "clean up a mess".

Prosecutors said Tessier was a liar, whose statements to police in the days between when Wallen went missing and when her body was found were filled with "hundreds of inconsistencies".

Police had suspected Tessier's "involvement" since the investigation began, and police allowed him to speak at that news conference as an investigation strategy, Manger said.

Wallen then sent her sister a photo of a field in Demascus. Police believe she was killed the next day.

Her sister told her to take a picture. "I pray that she's safe and that she comes back".

The "Gathering of Hope" event scheduled for Wednesday evening has been canceled, the school system said.

Police said a review of surveillance video showed the couple as they made a purchase together.

During the search, police said, investigators found tire tracks and freshly dug ground on a nearby property.

Manger said Tessier drove Wallen's Ford Escape to the Columbia area and he admitted to getting rid of the front tag.

Although investigations are now under way regarding the possible motive behind the murder, speculations are doing rounds regarding Tessier's possible involvement with another woman, who was also interviewed by the police, Heavy.com reported.

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