Netflix for free? T-Mobile's paying the bill

The Defenders

T-Mobile customers will soon get access to shows like"The Defenders for free. Sarah Shatz Netflix

Kicking off what should be a few months of aggressive promotions from wireless carriers, T-Mobile USA (TMUS) said Wednesday that it will offer free Netflix (NFLX) to all family plan holders.

"The future is mobile, over-the-top and unlimited", said John Legere, chief executive of T-Mobile", in a statement announcing the deal with Netflix. And if you want a higher Netflix tier, you'll only pay the difference - which will be added to your TMo bill each month.

On the face of it this is a win-win for both T-Mobile and Netflix, which can both better retain customers since the two services are ostensibly tied together.

It's throwing in the video streaming service (which costs about $10/month on its own) to new and current customers who have at least two lines on an unlimited data plan.

T-Mobile's "Un-carrier next" announcement this morning boiled down to one thing: giving Netflix subscriptions to customers for free. If you aren't a T-Mobile subscriber, will this make you switch? Two years ago, it stopped counting most video streams against its data plans. Every hour, T-Mobile's Twitter account (@TMobile) will answer questions with quotes from their favorite Netflix shows, GIFs and memes.

T-Mobile stock edged down to 63.37 during late-morning trades on the stock market today.

T-Mobile doesn't have contracts any more, so neither you nor T-Mobile are locked into anything. Prizes will be given away each hour and include free smartphones (!), Netflix and T-Mobile swag including T-Mobile ONEsies and supplies for binging including popcorn and premium headphones.

It works for existing and new subscribers; T-Mobile will transfer your Netflix details. In this case, T-Mobile means "SD DVD quality" which is indeed 480p. It also has offered free music and video streaming, free worldwide roaming, and other perks. I encourage you to get the report now - before the next wave of innovations really take off.

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