Rebel Wilson awarded £2.7 million in defamation lawsuit

Rebel Wilson awarded £2.7 million in defamation lawsuit

Rebel Wilson awarded £2.7 million in defamation lawsuit

CNN reports that Wilson filed the lawsuit after a series of Woman's Day articles alleged that the comedic actress was "a serial liar" who "fabricated nearly every aspect of her life".

Justice John Dixon told the Supreme Court of Victoria that the case was "unprecedented in this country" on account of the worldwide scale.

The Pitch Perfect star was defamed by Bauer Media in eight articles branding her a serial liar, a six-person jury found in June.

In a series of tweets Wednesday morning, Wilson, who is now in the United Kingdom, said she would donate the money to Australian charities and invest in the country's film industry.

On Tuesday the court awarded her $3.6 million in damages. Wilson said the stories implied that she had lied about contracting malaria, having a disadvantaged upbringing, and being related to Walt Disney.

Bauer Media's publications interviewed a woman who said she was a former classmate of Wilson's. When the jury delivered its verdict they answered every single question in my favor.

At Australia's Supreme Court, Justice John Dixon indicated that the damages suffered by Wilson were worth "substantial" payment.

She added: "Justice Dixon has awarded me a record sum and I'm extremely grateful for that".

"In the full media glare, Bauer Media's defense of this case attempted to characterize its articles as true or as trivial or not likely to be taken seriously", Dixon said in his ruling. You know Woman's Day. The law firm representing Wilson says that the payout is unprecedented in Australia. Wilson asserted that the misinformation caused substantial harm to her reputation and that she even lost out on work in Hollywood as a result of what Bauer published. It's "four times the previous record", according to its site. "But I think when I did go to America, I kind of just stopped saying my age".

Mr Pullen said not only was the amount of the judgement hugely significant, but also the amount awarded in special damages.

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