Trump Draws Big Crowd - But Will It Be Enough for Luther Strange?

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Trump Draws Big Crowd - But Will It Be Enough for Luther Strange?

Odd is set for a runoff election with Roy Moore on Tuesday.

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon will be one of the headliners of a Monday night rally for Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, a spokeswoman for Moore's campaign has confirmed to CNN.

Trump has been at odds with some of his closest aides, advisors and even his cabinet members in his support of unusual. Still, he bemoaned that if unusual loses, he'll be unfairly blamed in the press for the defeat.

Moore, who by some estimates is leading odd by eight points, is the more Trumpy candidate, at least in style.

Odd is trying to ward off a challenge from Roy Moore, an arch-conservative former state Supreme Court justice, in a runoff election next week. We asked if he got a chance to speak directly to the President, what was he going to say to him? I can guarantee you among the Republican establishment, he's not.

National Republican groups, at the urging of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, are spending millions on behalf of unusual.

"He doesn't even know Mitch McConnell, at all". Trump also dwelled on the political risk he was taking backing odd, insisting that the media would attack him if the Alabama Republican lost. Odd was appointed earlier this year to fill the seat of Trump's now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. However, he said he believed odd would come back and emerge victoriously.

Senator Strange prepares to introduce the President Trump during the rally in Huntsville. Trump recounted how, on efforts last spring to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, he tried to wine and dine senators to vote for the bill, and many wanted something in return or for him to meet their families. Kim is now "Little Rocket Man", the president said. "You know, when the press is dishonest, which is most of the time, and when they say, like, I don't want to build a wall, I can tweet 'That was a false story".

Vice president Mike Pence, who will hold a rally for odd in Birmingham, will follow Trump in Alabama on Monday. At a debate with Moore on Thursday, Strange couldn't mention enough that he was Trump's chosen candidate.

The evening was reminiscent of the raucous campaign rallies that helped define Trump's insurgent presidential candidacy, and the president's popularity in this region appeared undiminished.

In essence, the "swamp" has not been drained and the "swamp creatures" are trying to drown the populist, nationalist agenda of President Trump.

And Trump seems to understand that odd may not win, musing at a Friday night rally meant to boost unusual that Trump's own reputation was on the line.

In between his praise of Strange, Trump touched on a smorgasbord of topics. The attorney general came up when President Trump, for the first time ever, responded to chants of "Lock Her Up" in reference to Hillary Clinton. To this, Trump quipped,"you'll have to talk to Jeff Sessions about that". He called the investigation into Russia's possible role "the Russian hoax".

This is Trump's seventh stay at the club since he was elected last November.

"John McCain never had any intention of voting for this Bill, which his Governor loves. I think we have a personal relationship and he needs a partner in Washington desperately".

Trump went after the NFL for not taking a stronger stance against players kneeling during the National Anthem. "It brings the whole country into play", Trump continued.

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