10-Year-Old Leads Police on High-Speed Car Chase

Street sign hit by child in stolen car

Street sign hit by child in stolen car

State troopers blocked the boy's ability to exit the ditch and made "intentional contact" with the auto to stop the chase, police said.

The incident started about 8:30 a.m. when the boy was waiting for his sister to take him to school, Cleveland police said. Only 10 days before the chase, he had stolen his mother's vehicle and was found with three flat tires on the same interstate by authorities.

How did he get the vehicle?

Dashcam footage from Ohio State Highway Patrol shows cop cars pin the boy in before forcing him out of the auto. The vehicle got three flat tires and the boy pulled over on the side of the road. His mother and her boyfriend quickly called 911 as the boy drove away.

The state patrol picked up the chase when the boy entered I-80.

At one point, a trooper made eye contact with the boy and gestured for him to pull over, but the boy shook his head no.

"I told him, he could've hurt somebody, he could've hurt himself, or he could've been killed, he could've killed somebody else... and you knew you were wrong".

The chase briefly reached speeds of 100 miles per hour before troopers slowed the vehicle using a rolling roadblock, police said.

When the boy wouldn't pull over, Westlake police pursued him for more than 15 miles through two counties.

No one was injured in the crash. "You could have got killed".

"One auto as gently as possible", answered the other trooper, presumably a supervisor. Police went to the mother's home and, a short time later, other officers responded to a call about a auto driven by a small boy on I-90 in Cleveland in the high-speed lane with three flat tires, according to the report. On Oct. 16, the boy's mother said her Dodge Charger was stolen from her driveway. He was found later that day on Interstate 90 with three flat tires.

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