Apple might be converting to Face ID for all devices in 2018

It turns out that iPhone 8 devices are reportedly splitting open due to a severe issue. But now, we've got some sobering news for all folks hoping to lay their hands on one by the end of this year.

Completely removing the bezels on the iPhone X and going for the almost bezel-less edge-to-edge form-factor design is something many have been waiting to see for a while and the iPhone X has finally delivers this immersive design. So while some analysts have pointed to weak iPhone 8 sales as a sign of weakness, Kuo maintains that overall iPhone 8 demand is where it should be given the looming launch of the iPhone X.

It's been almost a month since Apple officially launched its latest lineup of premium smartphones - the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and all-new top-of-the-line flagship iPhone X.

But the phone's notch has a second, possibly unintended objective that is becoming more evident as we approach the iPhone X's November 3rd release date. Demand for the pair is low, and won't break any records, anytime soon.

Apple is likely to bring its Face ID facial recognition technology to the next iPad Pro, according to reports on Monday.

As Apple established a new precedent by launching the latest iPad Pro in June this year, it is possible that the same will happen in 2018, meaning the wait will not be too long for a TrueDepth-equipped iPad Pro. Kuo had previously also predicted that all the 2018 iPhone models will feature Face ID. "We estimate that for 2017, iPhone shipments will come in at 210-220mn units, which should grow to be 245-255mn units in 2018". More interestingly, Kuo believe that next year's iPhones will be more feature loaded than this year's. Or would you prefer it if Apple stuck with Touch ID?

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