Bomb Kills Pakistani Troops Seeking Captors of Freed Western Family

Bomb Kills Pakistani Troops Seeking Captors of Freed Western Family

Bomb Kills Pakistani Troops Seeking Captors of Freed Western Family

Coleman, her husband, Joshua Boyle, and the three children she bore in five years in captivity were rescued Wednesday when Pakistani forces, alerted by US intelligence, ambushed a convoy of Islamic extremists transporting the hostages near the Afghan border.

Boyle said his wife was raped and one of their children was killed during their time in captivity.


He says the kidnappers said they believed the American government would pay to prevent the baby from being born in captivity.

'We strongly reject these fake and fabricated allegations of this Canadian family, now in the hands of the enemy, ' he said in a statement sent to media'.

He told ABC News: 'Taking your pregnant wife to a very risky place, to me, and the kind of person that I am, it's unconscionable'.

The Star reported that Boyle said he sustained minor shrapnel wounds during the shootout.

The troops were part of a search party deployed in the Kurram tribal district to hunt down the handlers of a kidnapped American-Canadian family Pakistani forces rescued from captivity last week on a tip from US intelligence, the army said.

That was two years after he and Coleman, then "heavily pregnant", were kidnapped in a remote Taliban-controlled area of Afghanistan.

The Canadian, his wife and their children were intercepted by Pakistani forces while being transported in the back of their captors' vehicle.

Boyle told The Canadian Press that conditions during the five-year ordeal changed over time as the family was shuffled among at least three prisons.

He said Pakistani troops and intelligence agents, acting on a United States intelligence tip, zeroed in on a vehicle holding the family as they were being moved in Kurram agency. "After that, our priority was to free the hostages safely", said Ghafoor.

In a further update on his family, Mr Boyle said: 'Our daughter has had a cursory medical exam last night, and hospital staff were enthusiastically insistent that her chances seemed miraculously high based on a quick physical. The team did a preliminary health assessment and had a transport plane ready to go, but sometime after daybreak Thursday, as the family members were walking to the plane, Boyle said he did not want to board, the official said.

Speaking in Toronto, he said: 'I assure you I have never refused to board any mode of transportation that would bring me closer to home, closer to Canada and back with my family. Her father, the late Ahmed Said Khadr, and the family stayed with Osama bin Laden briefly when Omar Khadr was a boy.

Mr. Boyle gave to understand that in them there was a fourth little girl who was killed by militants associated with the Taliban Haqqani network.

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