Brazilian Olympic Committee President Carlos Nuzman arrested

Carlos Nuzman President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee center is escorted by federal police officers after being taken into custody at his home in Rio de Janeiro Brazil Thursday Oct. 5 2017. The president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee was

Brazilian Olympic Committee President Carlos Nuzman arrested

Carlos Nuzman, president of the brazilian olympic Committee and the organising committee of the olympic Games in Rio, suspected of having bought votes to get the olympics 2016, was arrested Thursday in Brazil, police said. A press conference is scheduled for later today by investigators to explain the new developments in "Operation Unfair Play".

Brazilian police on Thursday arrested the chairman of the country's Olympic Committee as part of a probe into alleged vote-buying to secure Rio's hosting of the 2016 Games.

The investigation, codenamed "Unfair Play", also targeted the general director of operations for the organizing committee of Rio 2016, Leonardo Gryner, who was also arrested, according to Agencia Brasil.

Others suspected of being involved in the bribery scheme include former governor Sérgio Cabral, and officials say funding was provided by Brazilian businessman Arthur Cesar Soares de Menezes Filho.

The residence Nuzman, located in the very chic neighborhood of Leblon, had been raided, and the headquarters of the brazilian olympic Committee and the many companies cariocas.

Bretas said in an arrest order that Nuzman's wealth grew by 416 percent between 2006 and 2016 and that he had assets overseas that were only declared after the vote-buying investigation began.

Included in those hidden assets by Nuzman were a reported 16 kilograms of gold in a safe in Switzerland.

In September, Mr Nuzman's home was searched.

Nuzman sits in the back of a police auto. In their statement they cite an email from Papa Massata directly asking Nuzman for help with "the final process", and an email discussing difficulties in bank transfers.

The Rio games were generally credited with being a sporting and organizational success, but revelations of massive corruption during the preparations and now even in the naming of the host city have tarnished the legacy.

The latest scandal cast a pall over an International Olympic Committee meeting in Lima last month following the designation of Paris for the 2024 Games and Los Angeles as the 2028 host city. Nuzman is an honorary member of the IOC.

The IOC is cooperating and is also proceeding with its own internal investigation.

"The IOC will not comment further on this matter until a recommendation is issued by the IOC Ethics Commission", Olympic officials stated.

The IOC investigation will be the first test of the newly elected members of the Ethics Commission including chair Ban Ki Moon.

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