Conor McGregor Says Maybe It's Time to "Legitimize" Rankings, Silence Critics

Conor Mc Gregor Floyd Mayweather

GETTY Conor Mc Gregor eats a big right hand from Floyd Mayweather

This is music to the ears of many of his fans, and even those who don't care for the Dubliner, as UFC 205 feels like a long time ago and many can not wait to see him compete in the octagon against a new foe. "This is what I wanted, because they're all bums at the end of the day".

McGregor then clarified that while he wants his son to know how to fight, he won't force his son into a fighting career if he doesn't want it. Now it's the Mayweather fight which appears to be lodged in McGregor's head.

In a wide-ranging conversation, the Dublin fighter said that financial woes could force Mayweather to return to the ring and that he's convinced he would have enough to overcome the American this time.

I've already gone from the highest of the high in terms of a money fight.

Don't be surprised to see McGregor in attendance at UFC 217 in Madison Square Garden, in November, too. I've seen it so many times where they slip on the bleedin' soap getting out of the bath.

"There's an interim belt on the line right now - that's an option".

Conor McGregor's next bout has been the subject of intense speculation since pretty much the moment his fight against Floyd Mayweather ended.

In terms of who that may be, McGregor will have a keen eye on Ferguson vs Lee next week, although he did admit the first step is making sure that bout goes ahead considering what happened when Ferguson was supposed to face Khabib Nurmagomedov.

"Of course, the Nate Diaz trilogy fight is there".

Khabib Nurmagomedov: "Obviously, Khabib in Russian Federation would be a great one".

So while defending his title is supposedly his top priority (we'll have to wait and see if that holds true), the UFC's only simultaneous two-division champ acknowledged St-Pierre could be a good option down the road. It would be a insane one.

"I think I'm going to raise a special special young boy whose going to go on and achieve great things", he said. "I don't know, I think he's going to get his assed whooped by [UFC middleweight champion Michael] Bisping". His next fight is expected to take place back in the familiar setting of the UFC, although the 29-year-old has not publicly committed to that as of yet. It's also obvious that the fighter hates to lose.

"Maybe Malignaggi would come over and do an MMA bout. or Floyd, maybe I could entice Floyd back". It's been over a month since the boxing match and still no word on when he will fight next and who it will be against.

Sorry Max Holloway, you were not mentioned.

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