Facebook Launched Messenger Lite in US, Canada and UK

Facebook's Messenger Lite Android App

Facebook Launched Messenger Lite in US, Canada and UK

Facebook's Messenger Lite Android app introduced in new four markets of The United States, United Kingdon, Ireland and Canada. It originally launched in five countries, Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela, in October 2016.

Unfortunately, Facebook has not revealed any plans for an iOS version of Messenger Lite, whether only for developing countries or also for the United States.

Initially, Facebook had only targeted the Messenger Lite app towards the markets in developing countries to counter the menace of spotty and slow internet connections.

"Messenger Lite is a slimmed-down version of Messenger that offers the core features of the app, while giving everyone the opportunity to stay connected to their friends and family, regardless of device or quality of internet connectivity", said a spokesperson for Facebook. American for-profit corporation and an online social media and social networking service launched its Android-only application with the new identity of data saving chat app.

Facebook Messenger Lite made its way into India in July. The file for the app is less than 10MB, and since it sticks to text-based messaging you're not going to end up in a situation where the app is sucking up data for things like GIFs or additional features you're not going to use. This app should appeal more to teens since they have to make do with data caps and limited speed.

Facebook introduced Messenger Lite late past year so that those in developing countries could enjoy it without a heavy toll on older or less powerful smartphones. Lite messenger has one difference to the regular messenger that it has no Snapchat like messenger day function or games. People can also use the app to manage groups. To download the app, simply go to the Play Store and search for Messenger Lite.

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