Fallout 4 VR is free for new HTC Vive owners

Fallout 4 VR is free for new HTC Vive owners

Fallout 4 VR is free for new HTC Vive owners

Starting from today (October 2nd), every Vive purchase will come with a redemption code for Fallout 4 VR, which releases on December 12th, effectively giving buyers this £39.99 game for free.

As part of a new promo, Bethesda and HTC are including a pre-order code "while supplies last". This is basically an on-demand program for VR games, so you get a lot more than just Fallout for your money.

Fallout 4 VR promises to bring the entire original game into VR.

As someone who's dipped their heavily power-armored toe into how Fallout 4 feels in VR, the (virtual) reality is massive and a little disorientating.

HTC Vive is now priced at $600 in the United States, following a price cut this year. You're looking at all-new combat, crafting and building systems here, including "hundreds of locations, characters and quests, fully playable in VR" nearly endlessly, without repeating yourself.

"When we set out to develop Everest VR, our mission was to traverse a new frontier for virtual reality", Kjartan Pierre Emilsson, co-founder and CEO of Sólfar Studios, said in a prepared statement.

We don't know when the offer will end or if it will ever end, but I highly recommend you to check the deal out since Fallout 4 VR looks splendid and will be free. Still, with triple A developers now jumping on board, it seems like a good time to be a virtual reality headset owner.

Provision of a free upcoming game with HTC Vive makes it more attractive along with a drop in normal price. "We wanted to push the boundaries of what VR technology is capable of doing and create an immersive experience so realistic that it evokes an emotional response".

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