FEMA's Long: No time for mayor's 'spout off,' focused on Puerto Rico

RACINE- A Racine woman who wanted to lay her mother's ashes in Puerto Rico gets caught in Hurricane Maria

RACINE- A Racine woman who wanted to lay her mother's ashes in Puerto Rico gets caught in Hurricane Maria

She is not participating in any meetings and we had a couple already with the governors and with representation of FEMA and of HUD, of these whole federal agencies that have given us help and she's not participating in those meetings and some mayors from her political party have been participating, so I don't know why she is saying that.

Hurricane Maria left numerous island's 3.4 million U.S. citizens without basic utilities and resources. She had described "our ability to reach people and the limited number of deaths" as the good news.

On Saturday, Trump lit into Cruz and others in Puerto Rico who he said had been "told by the Democrats that you must be nasty to Trump" and wanted "everything done for them", even thought he'd acknowledged the catastrophic scale of the destruction just days before.

On Friday, Carmen Yulin Cruz criticized Trump's administration and begged for more help, a plea that received widespread television coverage in the mainland United States.

Donald Trump has claimed that Puerto Rican leaders are "weak" and "want everything to be done for them" in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Cruz told Stephanopoulos on Sunday she would still meet Trump.

Cruz responded to Trump's attack by saying she had no time for petty politics when lives were at stake. "Fastest golf cart you ever took".

Trump will visit the island on Tuesday. At one point in time, he had made 30 tweets about the players protesting police brutality but not one about the disasters in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Inc. All righ
Inc. All righ

Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 20 and knocked out the island's power grid.

Trump's administration has tried in recent days to combat the perception that he failed to quickly grasp the magnitude of Maria's destruction and has given the USA commonwealth less attention than he had bestowed on Texas, Louisiana and Florida after they were hit by hurricanes. At least 16 people on the United States commonwealth died, the government has said. "You're a congenital liar", he wrote in response to a third tweet from Trump, adding a link to a donation site for a Latino non-profit. "We must all be united in offering assistance to everyone suffering in Puerto Rico and elsewhere in the wake of this awful disaster", he said.

"There's nothing left. It's been wiped out", Trump said during a Friday morning speech to the National Association of Manufacturers. Shelters were still packed and long lines stretched around emergency supply centers.

"Things don't seem to be getting better", Berkan, a lawyer, said in a text message. "But, you know, that is not who we are here in San Juan".

Returning to the White House, Trump told reporters Sunday evening: "We're doing really well on Puerto Rico". She aligned herself with Puerto Rico's large and long-marginalized Dominican minority.

In Washington, debate swirled this week around the 1920 Jones Act, which requires shipments of goods between two US ports to be made with American-flagged vessels, limiting the amount of shipping and driving up its cost.

Trump's latest tweets sought to defend Washington's attentiveness to recovery efforts on a USA territory in dire straits nearly two weeks after Hurricane Maria struck.

Nevertheless, major companies have continued to donate in the wake of Maria.

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