Forza 7 Fans Spoke Out About VIP Upgrade and Turn 10 Listened

Forza 7 Fans Spoke Out About VIP Upgrade and Turn 10 Listened

Forza 7 Fans Spoke Out About VIP Upgrade and Turn 10 Listened

Unlike the previous Forza Motorsport game, VIP memberships were limited use in Forza Motorsport 7, something that frustrated fans to no avail. Now, that system is about to change again.

Microsoft and developer Turn 10 immediately felt the backlash when the store rating for the VIP pass plummeted to a dismal 1.3 (545 one-star reviews to 34 five-star ratings as of this writing).

Forza Motorsport 7 is available on Xbox One anc PC starting October 3, 2017 as Standard Edition ($59.99, £49.99, €69.99), Deluxe Edition ($79.99, £69.99, €89.99, digital only), or start three days early when you get the Ultimate Edition ($99.99, £89.99, €109.99). Those players who purchased Forza 7's Ultimate Edition to get access to VIP mode were not warned pre-launch that the add-on would work significantly differently in Forza 7 to past Forza games.

This leaves the controversy that has tarnished the launch of Forza Motorsport 7.

So far, Turn 10 Studios is yet to make a statement about the end of life status for this game and there is a slight chance that the removal of the game from the store is a mistake. Owners of the VIP DLC would have even more to play with, thanks to the pass granting 100% more credits after every race. "As head of the studio, I apologise for any confusion or frustration our players may have experienced".

Unrivaled Car List -Collect and drive more than 700 cars, including the largest collection of Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini models available in any racing game. We've already started work on this feature and we will release it as soon as possible. It's promising to make it up to players, and also says it will improve stability and performance in its PC release. "Look for more information on this update as we near the release date", said Hartman. And that, "the team is working around the clock to report, investigate, and resolve these issues as quickly as possible". In fact, our first update for the game went live yesterday, addressing several PC stability and performance issues.

Hartman continues by saying that going forward, Turn 10 will continue to ensure that Forza Motorsport 10 VIPs receive the most value for their membership, including new experiences and content.

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