Google unveils new Clips camera

A touch on the creepy side?                  Google  YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk  CNET

A touch on the creepy side? Google YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk CNET

Google Clips will retail in the United States for $US249, with Australian availability not specifically noted at the launch event.

The firm has built machine learning capabilities directly into Clips so when you turn it on, the camera looks for good moments to capture. It will capture videos when it thinks the time is right, then you can access the library via Google Photos. You can see it similar to Apple's Live Photo. The camera uses something called Machine IQ, which (per Google) is "a machine learning algorithm that's smart enough to recognize great expressions, lighting and framing". It helps you get shots you couldn't get before. Google make a point to emphasize that captures never leave the device itself and are all stored locally until you decide if you want to upload it to the cloud. The Google Clips camera has a 12MP sensor and a 130-degree field-of-view lens.

Google's claim is that the battery in the tiny Clips camera can run for up to three hours.

Software is at the core of the camera, meaning Clips can be made smarter and more powerful over time as Google continues to push out new updates.

The fact that it's pocket-sized and wireless and created to let you set it up somewhere and let it just shoot imagery is inevitably leading to comparisons with GoPro. There's still a shutter button you can use, however. Google is now giving free, unlimited storage for photos and clips in original quality.

Google Clips employs a series of AI-based algorithms to detect the moments worth taking pictures of and accordingly, functions in various scenarios.

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