Has British wrestler Neville quit WWE?

As for Neville asking for his release, according to the report, there might be some truth to that as well, so there's a chance he may not be with the company much longer.

The news was initially reported by Twitter user @WrestleVotes, and corroborated by the Wrestling Observer and Pro Wrestling Sheet - two of the most reliable sources around. That tweet was a condemnation of the WWE's attempt at a shirt which the King described as "Not on the Neville Level". Monday's Raw featured Kalisto winning the Cruiserweight Championship from Enzo Amore in a lumberjack match, with Neville not appearing as one of the lumberjacks. As noted last night, WWE has confirmed that Enzo will get his rematch for the title at TLC. Plans for the show had called for Amore vs. Neville in a non-title match before they were changed.

"It's unclear where his current frustration stems from, but as of now WWE has denied he has quit the company". Instead, Amore was put into a Lumberjack Match with Kalisto, where Kalisto captured the 205-pound title. His last TV appearance was on the 10/2 episode of Raw that featured Kalisto joining the cruiserweight division. Neville isn't a main eventer, but has proved himself a massive asset in 2017, and he'd be an immediate boon to any smaller promotion. Neville has been one of the best things about the cruiserweight division and there's really no need to keep him there.

If it's true. Could we finally see The Man That Gravity Forgot Vs The Aerial Assassin.

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