Microsoft sheds another consumer facing product in Groove

Microsoft sheds another consumer facing product in Groove

Microsoft sheds another consumer facing product in Groove

The Groove Music app will remain open and updated until December 31 so users can continue to play and manage the music they have purchased.

Which is why we're excited to announce that we're expanding our partnership with Spotify to bring the world's largest music streaming service to our Groove Music Pass customers.

Members of the Windows Insider program get first crack at migrating their music collections and playlists to Spotify by downloading the latest version of the Groove app for Windows or Xbox One (the Spotify app arrived on the game console on August 8).

Today, in a quite serious blog post, Microsoft officials annouced that Groove Music Pass and it's related services will be discountinued starting October 9, 2017.

Switching music services is always a pain, but the good news is that eligible Groove Music users can get 60 days of free Spotify Premium (as long as they haven't subscribed to the service in the past). There's also an FAQ with more details for users who have an annual subscription. The tool will move your playlists, songs and albums over to Spotify automatically, but you will only have until the 31st of January 2018 to make the switch. Groove Music first surfaced just a couple years ago and was born out of Xbox Music.

The Windows Store offers a variety of music services in addition to Spotify, allowing customers to stream or download their favorite tunes wherever they are. But the efforts did not turn out well and Microsoft is finally giving up on Groove Music and moving its customers to Spotify. Interestingly, it partnered with competitor Spotify to port former Groove users over to the popular platform.

It will see the end of the company's downloadable MP3 offerings as the company becomes the latest to acknowledge that streaming is, like, totally where it's at, man.

All Groove Music Pass content will be unplayable. The timing of Groove Music's discontinuation seemed inevitable. Before then, you'll be able to use your Groove Music Pass through the end of your subscription. Editorial playlists also won't transfer over, so you'll have to create a new playlist for those.

Microsoft confirmed that the app will be available and users will be able to use it for listening to music from local drive or OneDrive. A Windows 10 or Xbox One device is required to migrate to Spotify.

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