Microsoft will no longer focus on Windows Mobile

In case the lack of a flagship since 2015 wasn't a clue, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore has come out and effectively confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile is dead. On the same day as Belfiore took to speak about Windows Mobile phone Blackberry which has a poorer marketplace than Windows 10 phone launched the BlackBerry Motion which is an all-touch mobile phone. The company will no longer roll out new hardware and features towards the Windows Mobile but will offer support in the form of bug fixes and security patches. However, he ruled out the launch of any new Windows 10 Mobile features or any new hardware based on it. Belfiore in another tweet insisted that the company will continue to support the platform by releasing bug fixes and security updates.

Microsoft has attempted to leverage its legacy in the PC space to push further into mobile - Windows 10 Mobile was billed as the "everywhere OS" that would let users shift seamlessly between desktop, tablet and mobile. But despite everything, there were not a sufficient number of users for companies to invest in the platform. Figures published earlier this year by IDC claimed Windows Phone accounted for just 0.1% of the global smartphone market.

Microsoft has been struggling ever since the introduction of Apple's and Samsung's operating systems, iOS and Android, respectively.

That if anything should be a sign that it's time to call it a day and move on from Windows phones.

Microsoft started gutting its phone business past year, making thousands of job cuts. According to him, Microsoft dished out some cash to get more developers, and it even wrote apps for them. The operating system's on life support with Microsoft focused on supporting enterprise users and fans who've invested in existing devices.

Windows Mobile users have endlessly complained about the shortage of apps on the phone which urges them to look for other better options.

It can be recalled that Windows Phone had gained popularity for the interactive interface which impressed tech critics.

They tried "VERY HARD" to incentivize the app developers.

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