Monty Hall of 'Let's Make a Deal' has died

TV host Monty Hall arrives at the 3rd annual Jerry Herman Awards at the Pantages Theatre

Monty Hall of 'Let's Make a Deal' has died

The host of the legendary game show " Let's Make a Deal" fame Monty Hall Hall dies due to sudden heart failure, in Beverly Hills on Saturday, September 30, he was 96.

"Let's Make a Deal" game show had become a Television staple, it was first aired in 1963 on NBC as a daytime show.

Hall was born Maurice Halperin in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on August 25, 1921. He also started hosting game shows like Strike It Rich and Twenty-One.

In the early 1960s, he was developing game shows and joined forces with TV veteran Stefan Hatos.

Born in Canada, Hall earned a college degree in zoology and biology but instead began his career in radio, moving to television in 1960. The story the show sold you was that audience members wore costumes to attract Hall's attention - but everyone was dressed as a chicken, or a clown, or a cowboy.

In fact, the term "Come on down" was given new meaning thanks to Hall. It was rebooted with Wayne Brady as host in 2009, to which Hall gave his approval.

While Hall was the unquestioned master of ceremonies, the real stars of "Let's Make a Deal" were the thousands of frantic, exuberant and impressively festooned contestants he plucked from the audience. But it was Hall who was lastingly identified as "TV's big dealer", as the show put it, something he found at least mildly disconcerting. Hall was repeatedly honored for his charity efforts, which he truly wanted to be remembered for, with awards including the Order of Canada, Order of Manitoba and Variety Clubs International's Humanitarian Award.

Hall and his wife, Marilyn Plottel, married in 1947.

Hall is survived by his three children, Sharon Hall, Joanna Gleason, and Richard Hall.

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