Nest camera integration with Google Assistant is already live

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Nest camera integration with Google Assistant is already live

It also announced that from now on, its fellow Alphabet-owned company, Nest, will be now more integrated with its Home smart speakers.

The Google Home platform looks like a flawless match for Nest's series of smart home products and the newly announced partnership is yielding some interesting new features. The company also brought forward kid-friendly accounts for Home. Both these products were announced only last week. Nest is going to integrate with the Google Home and Chromecast in a more meaningful way to offer more control over your home.

Familiar Faces program will be powered by Google Assistant and tell you exactly who is ringing your Nest doorbell. Google voice assistant on the Android devices can be activated by a long press on the Home button, which will show a new window saying, "Meet your personal Google Assistant", or something similar.

To access the male voice, users will need to go to the settings on their phone or in the Google Home app, then Preferences Assistant Voice. However, owners of the regular Google Home should be happy to know that their home device is about to get more feature rich than ever, thanks to a series of updates announced at Google's event today. It means that if dad says, "How is the traffic to work?', the device will be able to recognize the user and it will analyze the traffic conditions to the user's workplace". It'll be read aloud in the Google Assistant voice instead of your own voice, so it's not simply broadcasting a simple voice message.

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