OJ Simpson Has Officially Been Released From Prison

OJ Simpson Has Officially Been Released From Prison

OJ Simpson Has Officially Been Released From Prison

"Simpson-out-of-prison-after-9-years-for-armed-robbery" target="_blank">The Associated Press that Simpson was greeted by an awaiting vehicle outside of the facility and she didn't know where he was headed in his first hours of freedom.

The former Buffalo Bills player will have to adhere to the conditions set by the Nevada parole board, which include banning him from consuming alcohol in large quantities or hanging out with ex-convicts or people who engage in criminal activity.

State Department of Corrections public inmate records provided no information about Simpson's custody status or location, which prisons spokeswoman Brooke Keast said usually indicates that an inmate is being moved in custody.

Simpson would have been released from jail in September 2022 had parole been denied. However, he was later found civilly liable for their deaths and ordered to pay their families $33.5 million.

The decision to release Simpson was made by the parole board earlier this year. Before his release, Simpson met with his parole officer - he will face restrictions of up to five years of parole supervision.

Photos from the corrections center showed Simpson signing out. Simpson's attorney said he intends to live in Florida, but the attorney general does not want him there.

O.J. Simpson is going to be released from prison on parole in October and had plans on living in Florida, however, the Florida State Attorney has said he isn't welcome.

The infamous O.J. Simpson, 70, was released prison after midnight in Nevada on Sunday after serving nine years of hard time for armed robbery.

Simpson's best friend Tom Scotto told The News last week that the onetime gridiron great was eager for release.

Simpson had been a movie, TV and Heisman Trophy winning football star before begin accused of the bloody stabbing murder of his wife, Nicole, and her acquaintance.

Simpson - the former National Football League star who in the 1990s was acquitted of murder in one of the most publicized trials in history - was granted parole in July after serving nine years in prison for a 2007 armed robbery and kidnapping.

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