Paris to ban all diesel cars by 2024, petrol by 2030

The city often has to implement temporary bans on vehicles or have "car free" days in the city to combat particle air pollution. Paris officials aren't calling the limitations on vehicles an outright ban, but rather masquerading it behind a hard cutoff where inefficient cars powered by an internal combustion engine would be phased out in favor of newer, greener technology.

France, along with the United Kingdom, made headlines earlier this summer by announcing plans to phase out sales of gasoline- and diesel-engined cars by 2040, but it appears the city of Paris has an even earlier target in mind.

Although it may seem incredibly hard for North Americans to imagine such a ban, many Parisians do not own a auto.

Diesel-powered vehicles are actually set to be outlawed in Paris before their gas-powered equivalents. City dwellers there rely heavily on public transportation and heavily utilize bike sharing networks and scooters.

Transport is one of the main greenhouse gas producers... so we are planning an exit from combustion engine vehicles, or fossil-energy vehicles, by 2030, because the clock is really ticking.

The move is, in part, a pollution-reducing effort.

Many other cities in the world are considering similar moves and China, the world's biggest polluter after the United States, recently announced that it would soon be seeking to get rid of combustion-engine cars too. The Paris area will become diesel-free even faster, from 2024, while the general government has promised to cease ICE sales in the country by 2040. New owners can claim €6,000 ($7,100 USD) if purchasing an electric auto, or further increase their incentives to €10,000 ($11,800 USD) should they also arrange to have their old diesel vehicle scrapped alongside the purchase.

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