'PUBG' Hit With Over 15000 Negative Reviews in Less Than a Day

'PUBG' Hit With Over 15000 Negative Reviews in Less Than a Day

'PUBG' Hit With Over 15000 Negative Reviews in Less Than a Day

Not only has the appearance of advertisements in a paid-for game outraged those who see them, but most Chinese players believe developer Bluehole should be working to improve the game's technical issues, rather than making money from the local servers' inadequacies.

The thing is, right now, it's only on PC.

Today, a new article popped up on Bloomberg and it's an interesting one that adds a twist to the tale - Microsoft has started a talk with Bluehole to extend the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Xbox exclusivity deal.

Well, Microsoft isn't having any of that, it seems.

According to Bloomberg sources, Bluehole is "likely" to offer Microsoft a longer console exclusivity period, with that period lasting "until the middle of next year or longer". While they might not be good for us, these are the moves that Microsoft needs to make while Sony locks up deals left and right.

Global success isn't an overstatement either, PLAYERUNKOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS has become one of the most popular games in the world since its release in March of 2017. Whatever that means (given that the title is already out on Steam and Windows) it will at least have Xbox One exclusivity for six months on Xbox's Game Preview programme. "We have nothing further to announce at this time".

Microsoft declined to comment when contacted by Bloomberg about the supposed extension of their deal but said that they were "solely focused on bringing the best game possible to Xbox One and PC". If this is to take place, Xbox One could be your only console platform for the foreseeable future if you want to play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

PUBG just recently surpassed 1.6 million concurrent players, extending its record for the most players playing a game on Steam at one given time.

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