Snapchat to Launch Augmented Reality Art Platform Tomorrow

Jeff Koons' balloon dog will be available as AR via Snapchat

Jeff Koons' balloon dog will be available as AR via

Locations where Koons' art will be on display include Hyde Park in London, the Champ de Mars in Paris, Central Park in NY and Sydney Opera House.

Snapchat is partnering with artist Jeff Koons to introduce a new augmented reality project this week that will allow its users to project and view his sculptures at various places around the world.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel announced the new feature and collaboration with Koons at the 2017 Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit. It shows the famous blow-up animal balloon pop art piece of the artist kept in Central Park.

Snap has been at the forefront of augmented reality tools, building 3D animations such as the wildly popular dancing hot dog.

Snap may be delighting Snapchat users with its fun and creative new features, but Wall Street has been less impressed. "When you go public you need to explain to a huge new investor your business works".

Koons is the most obvious artist for a tech company to choose to premier a worldwide campaign (blue-chip, crowd-pleasing, and, most importantly, flawless for selfies), but Snapchat at least seems to want to eventually include others who actually need this kind of publicity.

The social media app's new AR art project,, puts nine "digitally" installed Koons sculptures across nine major parks and landmarks in cities, including: New York; Paris; London; Toronto; Sydney; Chicago; Rio de Janeiro; Washington, D.C.; and Venice, Calif. Basically, Snapchat has created a treasure hunt where the gold you're searching for is a shiny image of a Koons, standing about three stories tall, that you can snap a selfie with. The sculpture will appear on the user's phone as they approach, allowing them to explore it up close, nearly as if they were actually standing next to a real sculpture.

Spiegel, asked by interviewer Walter Isaacson about whether Snap's IPO was a good decision, responded that it was the right thing to do for the company to achieve "liquidity" and move from a venture-backed company to a publicly held one. More worldwide locations will be added, the company said.

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