Steam Digital Gift Cards Finally Launched

Steam Digital Gift Cards are now available and they allow you to send Steam Wallet funds directly to your friends.

Lastly, you can't use funds from your own Steam Wallet to pay for Digital Gift Cards - not exactly shocking, but still a bit mean. Buy one for a friend in another region and it'll get converted to your pal's local currency. If you don't find the games on discount worth gifting, there will be other opportunities: Black Friday Sale is to hit Steam later in November (Wednesday, 22 - Tuesday, 28), followed by the Winter Sale (Dec. 21 - January 4, 2018). Hopefully they don't spend all your gift money on loot boxes. In India, the Steam Digital Gift Cards are available in certain denominations, starting from Rs. 320 and going up to Rs. 6,400.

The gift cards come in increasing values of $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100.

What is notable about these gift cards is that they are not limited by regions, allowing people to gift to friends in other countries.

Digital Gift Cards on Steam are designed exclusively for sending money to a friend on Steam. And in the very unlikely event of the gift card being rejected, Steam will issue a full refund into your Steam Wallet. Circumventing region-locks that prevent the gifting of games.

Digital gift cards are the ideal gift for any PC gamer with a wishlist full of strong upcoming titles, or they are for someone that does not have a set wishlist or one who prefers microtransactions and DLC. Others wish Valve would continue making strides to fix the still existing problems with Steam gifting, and these changes might not bring back saving games to hand out on Christmas, but users can at least hand out the funds to those who want to buy the games instead.

Until now, there were two ways in which to send a gift to someone else on Steam. Also, the latest attempt by the digital distribution platform powered by Valve Corporation makes it a stronger competitor against platforms such as GOG and Twitch that both support online gifting among their communities.

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