Super NES Classic Edition Back In Stock At GameStop And ThinkGeek

The SNES Classic is coming back in stock at Gamestop

NINTENDOThe SNES Classic is coming back in stock at Gamestop

Nintendo saw fit to publish a series of interviews leading up to the SNES Classic release, and while they were timed well on the Japanese site, the English versions needed to catch up. In a Japanese Twitter account that seems to track trademarks (via Sora News 24; via Fortune), it makes mention of the Game Boy. If so, let us know what you think of it in the comments. This is a belief that was strengthened by a recent European trademark filing for a Nintendo 64 controller drawing.

As neat as it would be to add a Game Boy to the Classic Edition family, I simply don't see Nintendo doing so... at least, not anytime soon. It's been tweeted out by a Japanese trademark bot.

In fact a trademark filing discovered a few months ago seemed to indicate that the next console to be released in "Classic Edition" form would be the N64. However would you be interested in a Game Boy Classic Edition should it be released?

It covers a variety of use cases including "home video game console" programs as well as "programs for smartphones", "smartphone cases", and "smartphone covers".

As with the other Classic consoles, we should also expect this Game Boy to be smaller than the original and to include between 20-30 games. Nostalgic games such as "Zombie Ate My Neighbors" is part of the list, aside from those already included in the original and official list. If the company does move ahead with a mini Game Boy, it could be more on lines with the 2005 Game Boy Micro, and would be priced based on the number of games the company plans to offer with it.

One fun idea, as demonstrated by NeoGAF user Robin64's extensive collection of custom borders, is to tailor the art to the game you're playing.

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