Sylvester Stallone set to direct Michael B. Jordan in 'Creed 2'

Sylvester Stallone has revealed himself to be the director and producer of the Rocky spinoff Creed 2.

The first movie, made on a budget of Dollars 40 million, went on to earn USD 173.6 million globally, with Stallone getting nominated for Best Supporting Actor at last year's Academy Awards. More on the story below. It's a delightful throwback to the early days of the franchise, which features six core Rocky films written by Sly, who also directed four of them.

Of course, once you hit "submit" on these articles more stuff gets announced. In September, he posted a photo to his Instagram with the caption, "Getting stronger!" That changed when director Ryan Coogler brought the idea of Creed to Stallone, and the results earned Stallone an Academy Award nomination.

Plot details about Creed 2 have been few and far between, with none being confirmed at the time of writing. The revived series now focuses on Michael B. Jordan's Adonis Creed.

Coogler's Creed grossed a worldwide total of $173.6 million, against a budget of $35 million.

Stallone has been teasing elements of the sequel for while now, pushing the idea that Donny may fight the son of Ivan Drago, the Russian boxer played by Dolph Lundgren in iconic 80s cheeseball classic Rocky 4.

However, Stallone's script hasn't yet been confirmed as the one that will 100 percent, without a shadow of a doubt, be used in the sequel. He directed Marvel's Black Panther movie, set to release in 2018, and will be directing the just-announced drama Wrong Answer, also starring Michael B. Jordan.

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