Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Trick-or-treaters at local fire stations

Trick-or-treaters at local fire stations

"Children under 12 should always make sure they have an adult with them when they're going out".

Commissioner of Insurance and State Fire Marshal Mike Chaney is reminding parents to keep safety first ahead of Halloween night.

· When trick-or-treating, if there is no sidewalk available, walk towards the far edge of the street.

In the past few years, more families in MI and across the nation have opted to hand out non-food treats at Halloween, such as small toys and games, which Sawyer said also makes the holiday more inclusive for kids with food allergies. The Washoe County Sheriff's office recommends trick-or-treaters to add something reflective to their costumes, or to carry a flashlight.

For one of the more explosive, exciting aspects of festivities - fireworks - MacDonald also advises caution.

Louisiana State Troopers are providing the following tips to ensure everyone has a safe Halloween. "Fortunately, in our area, we do not see a lot of these types of cases". And while you're doing that, just being very cognizant.

♦Don't accept rides from strangers.

Park your vehicle in your garage and lock it, to prevent vandalism.

♦ Don't take shortcuts through backyards, alleys or parks.

- Approach only homes that have porch lights on.

♦ Patrol your street occasionally to discourage speeding and mischief. Agree on a specific meeting time and destination for older children that may be trick-or-treating alone.

If kids turn in 25 pieces of candy they can trade those in for a toy and all the candy collected will then be sent to our troops overseas to give them a little taste of home.

♦ Accept only commercially wrapped candy - discard all candy that is not wrapped or candy with wrapping that appears to be punctured.

Also, parents should make sure nothing on their child's costume impedes his or her ability to see and hear.

♦ Your child should have one free hand at all times, in the event they fall. "Make sure they're crossing with a light, the safety control sign and just be extra vigilant".

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