Trump Chief of Staff's Personal Cell Phone Reportedly Hacked

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Trump Chief of Staff's Personal Cell Phone Reportedly Hacked

The White House is concerned John Kelly's personal cellphone has been compromised-perhaps for the entirety of his tenure with the Trump administration, Politico reports, citing three government officials. Kelly, who was appointed Chief of Staff in July, was previously the head of the Department of Homeland Security.

The hack was reportedly discovered when Kelly's phone was malfunctioning and he took it to tech support at the White House, according to Gizmodo.

It was not clear what data, if any, had been accessed.

Politico reported that many functions on Kelly's wonky phone were not working.

The news of the suspected hack comes shortly after the report that White House officials had been using their personal emails for government communications. The staff ultimately concluded that it should no longer be used and was compromised, according to Politico.

The exact time and location of Kelly's phone being breached remain unclear.

The apparent hack of the device, which was first identified by White House tech support, could have occurred as early as December 2016.

Officials anxious about the depths of information that might have been compromised.

A White House spokesman said Kelly had not used the phone often since joining the administration, and that he used the government-issued phone for official communications. This contrasts Trump and his supporters' consistent criticism of Hilary Clinton using a personal email server for official business.

While the fact that a White House official can so easily be fooled is hilarious for some, it is also a sobering fact considering that this is the very technique that cyber criminals use to obtain sensitive information from government officials.

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