Trump defends federal response in Puerto Rico as criticism mounts

Angelo Cucuzza of TWU Local 501 which represents American Airlines workers in the city and Puerto Rico hopes to fly supplies to the island

Trump defends federal response in Puerto Rico as criticism mounts

"10 000 federal employees in this time on the island do a fantastic job", said Donald Trump on Twitter, since its golf Bedminster in New Jersey, in the north-east, where he spends the weekend.

"Saturday Night Live" returned for its new season, and it hit a lot of predictable notes on President Donald Trump - Puerto Rico, top aide departures, etc. - in its cold open.

Schumer says Trump should focus on helping Puerto Rico instead of tweeting against Cruz, "who's watching her people die". "These people need help", he continued.

Today, the president is saying that "they" (meaning either officials or residents of Puerto Rico) are not doing enough themselves to recover from the crisis left by Hurricane Maria, and that "they want everything to be done for them". The National Guard expects that 1,400 guard forces will head to Puerto Rico over the next four days.

Some mayors, she added, were afraid to speak out for fear of endangering the flow of United States relief.

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of CT rained hell on Donald Trump on Saturday morning, saying the president's attacks on Puerto Rico from his "opulent golf resort" should not be "normalized".

"We want to help you, but we have to take care of America first", says Baldwin's Trump while making fun of the fact how the island is surrounded by ocean water which has 'fishies, bubbles, and turtles that bite'.

FEMA announced that Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands have received 6.5 million liters of water and 4.4 million kids meals.

"It is not a good-news story when people are dying, when they don't have dialysis, when their generators aren't working and their oxygen isn't providing for them".

The segment also mocked Tom Price, Trump's response to protests against police brutality in the National Football League, the NBA's ban on those protests, and the German elections (with Kate McKinnon as Angela Merkel).

President Donald Trump on Sunday strenuously defended U.S. efforts to bring relief to storm-battered Puerto Rico, even as one island official said Trump was trying to gloss over "things that are not going well".

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico's Gov. Ricardo Rossello is calling for unity.

Carmen Yulin Cruz, the mayor of Puerto Rico's capital city, San Juan, had accused the Trump administration of failing the USA territory. "When you are drinking from a creek, it's not a good news story".

Cruz told MSNBC that she would be "very glad" to meet with Trump.

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Desperation in Puerto Rico fuels frustration with federal response